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THE GLOBAL trusted DOCCHAIN platform

We follow products during the coursof their commercial, financial and technical life span. We analyse and share essential global market data and we analyse information on assets with respect to their, risk, value, profitability and sustainability We do this within the scope of explotations, use, insurance, finance, safety, recent legislation and regulations, trends and related stakeholder obligations irvs/sox environmetal impact.

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WTC is the world's leading platform for physical assets. Offering the largest production 'docchain' platform in the world, we are using new technology to build a radically better financial en commercial system. Our software has powered over € value transaction and empowered users across the globe to transact quickly and without costly in inefficient waste of time. We also offer tools for entrepreneurs and real time data for users to analyze the digital, your decisions.


An entrepreneur needs to keep track of consequences of choices of materials and the use of capital assets and their environmental impact. Our software and interaction enables you to quickly test your environ mental policy against existing legislation and rules and to make modifications where necessary, or to anticipate future standards. The well-organized administration saves supervising institutions time-consuming research and shows the public that you have a heart for the environment


Rights are registered in this register for new or internationally operating assets. The Register has extensive knowledge and skills regarding registration, and filing third parties rights. If rights are registered, owners have more legal security. A sound registration is an instrument for transparency and economic development and improvement of financing, leasing and registering ownership or contractual interest.