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We, The Word Treasury Center (wtcglobal.biz),  the asset administration portal to, manage, apprais and value, every produced item, product or asset in the World during the course of their lifespan.

Any involved partyrights, ownership, insurance, lesse and lossor can be  registered in this Register Movable Assets, internationally or local operatering, new and used assets.

We administer, value, share, based on 40 years of experience,  (global and local) asset & market information and we analyse this with respect to to quality, risk, value, profitability and sustainability also in the scope of exploitations, use, insurance, finance, safety, recent legislation and regulations, trends and related stakeholder obligations irvs/sox and environmental impact.


Environment......an entrepreneur or any body, needs to keep track of consequences of choices, used materials and the use labour and capital and environmental impact. Our platform and empathic interaction enables you to quickly test your environ mental policy against existing legislation, rules and to this allows you to make modifications where necessary, or to anticipate future standards. The well-organized administration, saves supervising institutions, time-consuming research and that you  a heart for the environment.

The Register has extensive knowledge and skills regarding registration and filing rights.