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Scheepswerf De Groot ( Muiden) - NL :
Salon passagiers boot Year: 1917 SN NR: Niet bekend

Passengerboat -: x. 45 pax. 23 x 4 x 1.05 mtr. diesel, electric driven.
Registration :
Manufacturer : Scheepswerf De Groot ( Muiden) - NL
Chassis number :
Model / Part number : Salon passagiers boot
Internal Id : Wolk
CO2 Index :

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For sale: € 225,000.-

Wolk The steam boat 'Wolk', which is the Dutch word for ‘Cloud’, is a boat you cannot compare to other boats that frequent the canals and surrounding waterways of Amsterdam. It has been fitted with an original steam engine from the late 19th century and is operated on a regular basis. The engine has been adjusted according to today's environmental requirements. The boat's capacity for 50 guests for reception type of occasions and 35 for a buffet dinner is unique amongst the classic motor launches in town. We guarantee you that your guests will be pleasantly surprised being invited to this beauty. The 'Wolk' is a theatre by itself.