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Dutch Shipyard at Drachten ( NL) :
32 mtr. spuds / elevating cap: 1200 t | deck load 10 t m2 Year: 2016 SN NR: 4

Jack up or self elevating unit/ponton -: 33,21 x 15,928 x 3,01 mtr.
Registration : 17072 Z ROTT
Manufacturer : Dutch Shipyard at Drachten ( NL)
IMO number : 244210931
Model / Part number : 32 mtr. spuds / elevating cap: 1200 t | deck load 10 t m2
Internal Id : Wijslift MC4
CO2 Index :

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The "wijslift 4" is a self elevating jack-up barge built in 2015 and completed in 2016, . This jack-up barge has a gross lifting capacity of 1.200 ton, with the weight of the barge deducted it gives a nett capacity of 623 ton. It is equipped with 4 spuds, with a length of 32 mtr. each, which gives a maximum air draft to the underside pontoon of 22 mtr. These spuds can independent from each other and step less be moved, which is ideal for precision drilling, pilling, lifting or other work. With a maximum elevating load the ground pressure per square centimeter is 1 kg. The pontoon is equipped with a moon pool, 4 positioning winches, anchor winch, water tight compartments with man wholes, 2x generator of 150 kVa,. 1 generator of 880 kVa. The draft with a load of 615 ton is 2,56 mtr. The minimum draft is 1,25 mtr. Deck load 5 t/m2 The elevating time is between 15 and 30 minutes, with horizontal safety monitoring device.