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Cook Welton & Gemmell :
Lightship Year: 1959 SN NR:

Versatile vessel -: Restaurant
Registration :
Manufacturer : Cook Welton & Gemmell
Chassis number :
Model / Part number : Lightship
Internal Id : C88 Sula
CO2 Index :

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For sale: £ 675,000.-

Unique opportunity to purchase a fully Converted ex Lightship with possible use as Restaurant, Marina Offices and Clubhouse, Museum Unit , Office Accommodation, Shop or Night Club. AND WITH a 4 Bedroom Home all tastefully fitted out and in excellent condition, with Central Heating throughout. "SULA" will stand out wherever she is moored and be an outstanding centre of interest.. "SULA" is currently housing a Centre for Complimentary Healthcare and offers various treatments. It also houses the Gloucester Buddhist Centre and offers accommodation for the owners. "SULA" is unique since: • One of the very rare lightships with a Fresnel lens system in the light-tower. (very common for light-houses, not for light-ships) • The foghorn design is only used on 2 ships worldwide • The life-boat: one of the first fibre-glass life-boats ever built. Built in 1958 in Beverley near Hull for the Humber Conservancy Board.