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The WTC DOCCHAIN principle

The WTC Document is an authentic document chain with continuously growing files, these are protected /shielded and linked to a uniquely produced item or product. Each WTC docchain ​​contains OBR, (object base record), a unique link to the roder wire and blueprint, usage, history, and expectation of a manufactured and/or exploited unique product or object. The timestamp and construction, transaction, use, - data are the responsibility of the (individual) involved and / or supplying party and stakeholders. These document chains are inherently resistant to change of data and are continuously screened. The WTC Dochain ​​is and is used as the "blueprint and real time life screening" for use, operation, commercial and risk management in finance, insurance, operations serves as a distributed ledger for transactions between all parties involved. The dossier is compiled under individual (commercial) and collective responsibility so that it is efficiently and transparently and verifiable and permanent, records, verified and shared interests, and associated documents.Once registered, data in a particular DOCCHAIN ​​can not be retroactively amended without consultation and approval, which is required for the network integration of the network concerned. This minimizes risks, markets are not transferred and there is accurate insight into usage, maintenance, price and CO2 impact on the world.The first distributed WTC Docchain was conceptualized in 1996 and implemented in 2001 as a core component of the World Treasury Center, which serves as the basis for all transactions and reports. The invention of the WTCDocchain made it the first digital reports in 2002 for all Dutch big banks such as ING, RABO, ABN, BNP, FORTIS, DEUTSCHE BANK, GE Capital etc. Medium, small and large companies and government and grows daily.

World Treasury Center

World Treasury Center (WTC Global) is an autonomous online system that facilitates and supports businesses with efficient utilization and management of their assets. Via a personal login code, users can request relevant confidential documents, based upon their hierarchy within the organization.
The database allows for storage of a variety of file formats, such as reports concerning inspections and the technical state of objects, value certificates, import and export documents, CE statements, digital security certificates, manuals, restrictions, technical designs, maintenance statistics, contracts etc. If required, they can also be published. Stored data are and will remain corporate property and therefore strictly personal. They will not be submitted to unauthorized third parties by means of cookies or other methods. WTC Global guarantees this integrity. In addition, WTC Global contains a multitude of already effected asset sales worldwide, registered anonymously. Average sales values can be called up upon request. 

Well-organized corporate asset administration
WTC Global’s calculation modules guarantee a completely reliable analysis, providing insight into real-time value of objects and their balance sheet and residual value, as well as unpaid amounts of funding parties, arranged per individual object or totalized over all available assets.

Lower operational costs and higher return
By assigning a username and password, you can easily provide all relevant documents concerning object use and maintenance for perusal. Keeping the administration up-to-date is easy, as a result of which you will have access to work agreements, submitted tenders and costs made or to be made. Practical experience has shown that a suchlike digital dossier will enable you to generate improved returns and operate at reduced costs, in the short as well as the long run.

WTC Global – an essential tool
WTC Global is an essential tool for businesses, controllers, accountants, banking institutions, rental companies and insurers. It is an independent reference source that provides topical information for the decision process in funding scenarios, as well as insight in development and status of businesses or goods that they have funded or insured.

Knowing the ins and outs of your business

Thanks to WTC Global you as a CEO and large shareholder, manager or the person taking final responsibility, will be informed of current affairs, whenever and wherever you so desire. WTC Global quickly provides you with reliable management information and an accurate survey of your silent reserves, enabling to proceed energetically and decisive towards customers or funding parties at all times.

Registration of rights, relationships and securities
Property provision of movable goods suggests ownership. Practice has shown this to be untrue, funding scenarios with a multitude of agreements do not simplify matters. Usually, it is a question of a forest of interests. WTC provides clarity in the legal relationships between owners, users, tenants, banking institutions, rental companies and insurers, either anonymously or publishable in mutual consultation.

Strengthening of your legal position
By registering your interests you will strengthen your rights and securities, i.e. with theft or unexpected calamities.

Have a heart for the environment – socially sound manufacturing and operation
Thanks to WTC Global, you as an entrepreneur can keep track of consequences of choices of materials and the use of capital assets and their environmental impact. This enables you to quickly test your environmental policy against existing legislation and rules and to make modifications where necessary, or to anticipate future standards. The well-organized administration saves supervising institutions time-consuming research and shows the public that you have a heart for the environment.

100 % impartial assessments
WTC Global’s rational assessment method without regard to persons finishes with arbitrary assessments, and therefore is a reliable reference. Because WTC Global intensively monitors the daily markets, its users have a distinct advantage compared to competitors who are not connected.

Efficient sale/renting out of your assets
Due to the fact that the digital history and all relevant information of objects stored in WTC Global can be called up immediately, sale/renting out becomes significantly easier. Potential buyers and tenants know what they can expect at a glance, which enables you to distinguish yourself from the competition. If so desired, WTC Global will assists you with purchase and sale, regardless of your location. Objects can be auctioned under notarial supervision, either online or through Dutch auction. The well-organized history and transparent enable you to achieve higher selling prices.

WTC Global – a worldwide standard
WTC Global is a unique concept, similar systems are non-existent. These days, WTC Global is considered the new standard worldwide. And justifiably, by now WTC Global is used to manage a significant magnitude of corporate assets.

Security is paramount
WTC Global is exclusively accessible for authorized staff members and external counsellors, such as accountants, corporate consultants, financial analysts of companies you have previously approved. WTC Global has been developed and secured in compliance with the latest Microsoft .Net standards.